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Cutting edge mobile and web applications with technologies like AR/VR, AI, ML to assist learning

We can make learning more fun by developing feature-rich applications that implement the latest technologies. Besides offering a unique method to study, we offer a secure interface along with many other features like media, video, images, and real-time interaction with the teachers.

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Our Education & eLearning

Design & develop eLearning applications to offer the students a better platform to study; one that implements the latest technologies. Some of the common technologies like AR/VR and cloud computing can help make the learning process simpler.

  • Develop apps to learn Astronomy, Anatomy, and more.
  • Geography and Geology students can also benefit from this.
  • eLearning is a boon for subjects like physics and chemistry
  • Improve level of interactivity
  • Students can study at their pace with the use of the latest technology



Leebook Reader Sdn Bhd was established in 2012. Prior to 2012, our company operated as a Subscription Department under Hup Lick Publishing (M) Sdn Bhd and Sasmurni Bakti Sdn Bhd for more than 10 years.


WonUp makes it simple and affordable for anyone worldwide to become a job-ready programmer by taking a straight forward approach to education and job prep.


VocabGuru is a Vocabulary & English learning platform. As a competitive exam and professional space continue to evolve, it is imperative for students and professionals alike to have a firm grip on English vocabulary and implement the correct usage of the English language for their professional needs or perform well in competitive exams like GRE, CAT, GMAT, Govt. jobs, Banking & for School Colleges.

Our Education & eLearning Services

Training portal

Skilled developers for feature-rich e-learning applications that allow students to study at their pace and utilize the many features on offer.

Live Streaming

Online education has a lot to offer and live streaming is one of the options. Attending sessions that are live and in the form of audio or video streaming is an effective way to learn.

Online assessments

Develop an education app to assess your students. This is a way to make learning fun and offer flexibility for the assessment process by designing questions for mock tests and exams on such an app.

Group training

Group conferencing is a unique method to learn the topic of your interest. This is an e-learning solution for a group of students. It is live, interactive, and implements a group study concept.

Learning app for coaching classes

Coaching classes can also take advantage of the features online education apps have to offer. The apps can assist the students with their studies.

Knowledge based education app

Education apps are not simply about picking a subject and attending the lectures. We develop knowledge-based apps to assist teachers and parents when it comes to early education as well as other knowledge-based systems.

Why Vrinsoft?

Why Vrinsoft for hire Dedicated Developers?

  • Professionalism is our priority

  • Strategies are made thoroughly

  • Co-Development Teams

  • Innovation is guaranteed

  • Advanced technologies are used

  • Analyzing market trends to keep ahead

  • Dev-Ops Enablement

  • Highly imperative approach

  • Security and confidentiality

  • Adherence to all the guidelines

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several factors to consider when searching for an education & eLearning App development company. The cost factor is one of them; it is usually not a good idea to select one solely based on this factor. Those on a light budget looking to spend less are better off hiring a firm with a development center in India. This is a good way to get high-quality apps at a lower cost. Vrinsoft is one such development company in India.

The cost to develop such an app depends a great deal on the number of features you need to include. You can contact us with your requirements to receive the estimated cost of developing the application. 

The development time for an eLearning software is directly related to the number of features you require and the complexity of developing it.

Online courses offer more flexibility to the students. The students can study the topic of their interest and do it at their own pace. The apps implement advanced technologies to make learning more fun and simpler.

e-Learning is where students can interact with the teacher exclusively via the app or website. Online learning usually refers to face-to-face interaction with tutors as well as making use of the internet for study sessions using one of the many meeting software.

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